The Sedimentary Research Group is a collection of faculty and students at Tennessee Tech University working together to understand sedimentary systems.

Jeannette M. Wolak, PhD Montana State University, 2011

Dr. Wolak is an associate professor in the  Department of Earth Sciences at Tennessee Tech. Her research interests focus on sedimentary processes and how depositional patterns shape modern and ancient landscapes on Earth and Mars.


Prior to joining the faculty in 2012, Wolak worked in the Upstream Technology division at Marathon Oil Corporation in Houston, Texas. She also applied twice to join the NASA astronaut corp and enjoys being a part-time Martian through data analysis and geologic mapping.

At Tennessee Tech, Wolak teaches GEOL 1040 (Physical Geology), GEOL 2500 (Geologic Fundamentals), GEOL 3310 (Planetary Geoscience), GEOL 4110 (Sedimentation and Stratigraphy) and GEOL 4200 (Geologic Exploration Techniques). When she isn’t in the classroom or the field, she is (probably) knitting.


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