The Sedimentary Research Group is a collection of faculty and students at Tennessee Tech University working together to understand sedimentary systems.


Planetary Geoscience and Terrestrial Analog Projects – Allison Bohanon, Alexis Bowen, Stone McCoy, Natalie Robbins and Caleb Stuber

Geology of the Fort Payne Formation, Tennessee and Kentucky – Austyn Allen, Mitchell (Jace) Bolix, Jason Gentry, Gabrielle Miller, Alyssa Oldfather


Natalie Robbins, 2019, Geologic mapping and compositional analysis of terraced fans on Mars using ArcGIS Pro


Stone McCoy, 2019, Analysis of the Chattanooga Shale Formation inside the Flynn Creek Crater, Tennessee

Caleb Stuber, 2019, Petrophysical analysis of impact breccia in the Flynn Creek Crater, Jackson County, Tennessee

Zachary Watson, 2018, Gamma ray signature of the contact between the Fort Payne Formation and the Chattanooga Shale

Garrett Winkle, 2018, Wireline Log Signatures in the Fort Payne Formation: Channels and Carbonate Mounds

Robert Casteel, 2017, Terraced Fans on Mars: Analysis of the Dogana Crater Fan

Hunter Whelage, 2017, Terraced Fans on Mars: Analysis of the Coprates Catena Fan

Lansdon Alcorn, 2017, Porosity and Permeability of the Sundance Formation, Northeast Wyoming

Sidney Huskey and Daniel Koehl, 2017, Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of the Fort Payne Formation

Czarinna Clay and Kayla Hillis, 2017, Mississippian Crinoids as Indicators of Paleoflow in the Fort Payne Formation

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