2019 TTU Student Research and Creative Inquiry Day

The Tennessee Tech Student Research and Creative Inquiry Day is held each spring semester in the Hooper Eblen Center. The event offers students an opportunity to present their research on campus. This year, six students from the Sedimentary Geology Research Group presented posters at research day. Stone McCoy won the Best Earth Sciences Student Poster award for his presentation on Chattanooga Shale deposition in the Flynn Creek Crater.

Presentations included:

Austyn Allen – Measuring a channel outcrop with a scintillometer in the Fort Payne Formation, Tennessee

Allison Bohanon – Compositional analysis of a martian terraced fan in Camichel Crater

Jason Gentry – Survey of carbonate mud mounds of the Fort Payne Formation

Stone McCoy – Comparison of the Chattanooga Shale Formation inside and outside the Flynn Creek Crater, Jackson County  *Best Student Poster Award*

Gabrielle Miller – Gamma ray analysis of a carbonate mud mound on Center Hill Lake

Caleb Stuber – Fossil content of the impact breccia in the Flynn Creek Crater

TTU geoscience students present their research at the 2019 Student Research and Creative Inquiry Day. From left to right: Caleb Stuber, Austyn Allen, Allison Bohanon, Jason Gentry, Hunter Summers and Stone McCoy.



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