Field Trip to Flynn Creek Crater

The Flynn Creek impact structure is located less than 20 miles from Tennessee Tech in Jackson County, Tennessee. Students in the Spring 2019 Planetary Geoscience class visited the structure on April 6th for a half-day field trip with Dr. Richard Finch, a Department of Earth Sciences emeritus professor. Geologic stops focused on: (1) deposition of thick sequences of Chattanooga Shale following the impact; (2) deformation along the margins of the crater; (3) deformation around the central uplift in the crater; and (4) styles of impact breccia deposited in the crater. Special thanks to Dr. Finch for his knowledgeable tour of the structure and local land owners for allowing the class to visit outcrops located on private property.

The 2019 Planetary Geoscience Class in front of Wave Cave. Although most strata in Jackson County are flat, the rock layers of Wave Cave are folded, likely recording deformation along the margins and rim of the crater.
Tilted rocks along Flynn Creek Road (across from the historical marker) record deformation associated with the central uplift in the middle of the crater.

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